Archer QBank Free Access – for Medical Students

Hurry Up and Register free! Only until November 2018! Total 650 Questions now and counting! Questions added every day – High-yield and Recall questions.

This Qbank will remain completely free as we continue to add large number of questions. The Qbank interface is exactly similar to what you experience on your Step 1 Exam. You can practice questions in Test Mode and Tutor mode. Analyze your weak areas and compare with your peers.

Once we reach 1500 Questions, the Qbank free offer will cease and we will start charging a very low fee of $49 as we understand the financial constraints of cash strapped medical students. We understand a large number of qbank companies have been charging huge amounts from medical students.  Most of these companies do not update their content for years, the investment they put in to these qbanks may be high at the start but literally none in the subsequent years. We do not see a reason why a Test prep company should charge $300 for their qbank though their content is same as 5 years ago. Some of these companies are able to do so by hyping themselves up among the students that it is mandatory to do only their Qbank in order to pass the exam. Not so true! There is no need to pay so much for hyped up names that have same content and offer similar exam experience.

Therefore, we have decided to offer quality highyield qbanks at Archer at extremely low prices easing the burden on medical students. Please go subscribe to our Qbank for free and access it for free for next several months. If you are convinced, please kindly go tell the medical student world that the content is as good as the most popular qbanks out there and still can be offered at a very low price! Do not fall prey to the overly hyped Qbank companies that have indulged in price gouging and have been enriching themselves with very little effort by just using their brand name.

Access FREE – Archer HighYield Step 1 Qbank – and practice on exactly similar USMLE exam style Qbank Interface, analyze your strengths, compare with peers, master the concepts at

Free 30 day Trial. No Payment information needed

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Archer USMLE Reviews

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